Important Notice

1.  Minimum Order Amount of Wholesale products:

Order From In Stock (Wholesale Prices): US$300 in total amount , then you can successfully submit the order . or else, the order can not be submit yet.

2. Order Process:

Update order procedure 

We are here to have your kind attention to follow our update order procedure as below:

1.Once we received your kind order on our wholesale website:,  we will send an email to inform you!
2. Later we will send PI together with shipping cost to you as confirmation of the order and pls help settle  the full order payment for us asap!

3.Then once we get your kind fully payment, usually we will prepare your order within 3 days! for some items maybe 8 days, if bulk order, need about 25-30days
4.After order prepared well before shipping out, we will also contact you about the order balance left in our bank;  For this amount, we would like to compensate you the goods or deduct it in your next order or even can return it to you by Paypal.  We will keep record of this,  pls do not worry!
5.At last, we will ship out your order by DHL/FedEx/UPS…etc; and it usually takes 3-5 working days arriving at your side! For bulk order you can contact us to ship out by sea to save cost.

Thanks very much for your kind attention!!!

One more thing:  we really have lots of different styles, also the fluidness of merchandise on hand is quite unstable, it is too hard for us to keep all in buying stock items is like this: we only can send what we have in stock of the items that you want, only can send the ones in stock when you order at that time. for the balance left in our bank, For this amount, we would like to compensate you the goods or deduct it in your next order or even can return it to you by Paypal. We will keep record of this, pls do not worry! thanks! )


4. Important Notice of the Shopping Cart

1) Log into our website: or Click" Categories", then find the goods to "Add to cart"

2) To delete goods: find the goods that you want to delete, and click "Delete" at the end of the row.

3) To update quantity: find the goods that you want to update, select the checkbox, and change the quantity at the input box, like to delete  the "3" number then put a new number you want as "20" , then quantity is updated to"20".  
4) To go on shopping: just click "Continue" button.

5) Once you finish shopping, pls click" Checkout" button, then the order is finished. (pls note minimum order amount is USD 300.00,  only when the order amount is up USD 300 or above, the online order can be finished.)

6) By the way, if you want to check your order at any time that placed online in our website, please login as a member first then placed the order again. But if you do not as a member to place the order directly then can not check.  And please remember to write your “contact message” when placing the order if not we will not know whose order it is, thanks! (we will not ship to P.O. box address).
7) Payment Terms: you can pay us by paypal or western union or bank T/T, any is ok for us(for detailed payment

8) Shipping cost: please check  "Shipping" in our website.)

9) Please try to place the order online at shorter time within 2 hours, you should choose the item code first then search online and add to cart, then can finish much faster, or if order more items then please try to make many small orders then we will put all together as one big order, doing such can avoide problem to miss order cart.

(Pay attentoin: when you start to place an order online in our website, please consider carefully first if you will 100% take your order or not then make the order to us again, as we don't hope after you ordered then no reply from you again, and after you ordered please don't cancel any items again from your order, we don't like to do business like that, hope you can understand. By the way:  if some items you can not search it online in our website now, it means they are no stock again in the future and we already delete them. Discount: only the total amount over USD500.00 then you can get 3% discount, more details please check " discount policy "  in  "Order Note" in our website. Due to some of our goods will be out of stock, so if want the discount please order a little more like USD100 more not only just USD500, thanks!)


What happens when you order?

We will send you an e-mail confirming your order within 24 hours of placement of the order.


When you receive your order will depend upon: your order payment clearing; delivery time or stock availability: whether we have your product in stock (in your size);  the delivery method that you selected.